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We are registered estate agents based in Servigliano, in the South of Le Marche, between Fermo and Amandola.
Unlike many other so-called estate agents and property portals that you will find on the Internet, we are real estate agents working 'on the ground' in Le Marche and won't charge you 3% for making a single phone call or writing just one e-mail message.

We work hard to find interesting properties for sale in le Marche and to help you find the property you seek, assisting you with the whole buying process - including all the translations required - catering for your every need, up to and including the final public deed of sale. 

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We can help you find property for sale in Italy, Marche property, Italy property, Italy real estate, Marche real estate.

A word about prices: we do our best to keep track of the constantly shifting prices of properties for sale in Le Marche. Some prices go down because people suddenly need money to invest in some other project or because a son or daughter wants to buy a flat or the banks are chasing after them or for a hundred other reasons. Some prices go up because a neighbour has sold his old ruin for a higher price, or the vendor's need for money has increased, or property prices have risen generally in the area.
Just because a property has been on the market for a long time doesn't mean it should cost less: some people just sit on them until the price is right. As prices tend to rise, it's often the case that the longer a house is on the market, the more it's going to cost - there's no general rule.

 Some people are good enough to tell us when they raise or lower the price, while others either forget or can't be bothered. If you see a property advertised on another site at a higher or lower price please don't assume that either we or the owners of the other site are dishonest scoundrels - although some people may well be, especially unregistered agents. Just drop us a line to report what you have found and we'll investigate to establish which price is the current one.

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We have a wide range of properties in Italy on our books.
If you are looking for property for sale in Italy, le Marche property, homes in Italy, we can help you. Estate agents Italy: we are registered estate agents in the Marches region (Le Marche) of central Italy. We can help you find property for sale in Italy: Marche property, Italy property, Italy real estate, Marche real estate. We can take you to see and help you to purchase a wide range of currently and potentially beautiful homes in the Marches region of Italy between the Sibylline Mountains and the Adriatic Sea.